RECLAMATION is a creative research project with an environmental focus, led by four leading local artists.

In exploring nature through a variety of artforms, the artists have produced works that serve to raise the awareness of the many facets of and possibilities for Sydney Harbour's Cabarita Park beyond its simple beauty as a recreational area.

It is hoped that, through creative research, development and production programs such as these and the increased community engagement that results, a better understanding of the local area can lead to a sustainable future in the care of our invaluable foreshore assets.

Arts NSW and the City of Canada Bay funded the project.

Creative Producers of Reclamation were:
Stage 1 / Martha Jabour
Stage 2 / Olev Muska

Cabarita Park Twilight Banner

Words That Nourish

Part interactive social sculpture and part environmental art, the ephemeral work 'Words That Nourish' encouraged personal conversations with contemplative connections. Participants of all ages were invited to contribute their thoughts by writing onto notepaper and popping them into jars hanging from a grand Cabarita Park fig tree.


IF WE COULD SPEAK FOR TREES • imaging applied to Symple Creative's and Dr. Louis Wiart's original photos



Popperbox is a collective of artists with backgrounds in illustration, design, fine art, comics and software engineering. Since their formation in 2007, Popperbox has created artwork with an ethic of playful experimentation and accessibility. For more, visit Popperbox's website ...